Friday, January 4, 2013

FO Friday - Gramps

This is probably one of my favorite projects I've made yet.  The Gramps pattern is absolutely adorable!

I had it finished in time to give as a Christmas present to my nephew.  He's big for his age (almost 2) so I made the 3-4 year old size and I'm glad I did because it fit him perfectly.  I didn't have time to block it before wrapping it up so I'm pretty sure it could be blocked and stretched out a bit more as he gets bigger.

I tried to snap a few cell phone photos of my nephew wearing it but it was hard to catch him standing still - too excited over his new Big Wheel.

Yarn and needle details can be found on my Ravelry project page.

Thanks to Tami's Amis for hosting yet another FO Friday!  I love seeing what everyone is creating.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Knitting

I was pleased to get a couple items knit up for Christmas gifts in time to actually give them to Christmas.  I did have to give one of my little godsons a rain cheque but he's not even two so I'm sure he'll forgive me.  Plus, I am almost done part of his gift so he'll have it soon enough, I hope.

I had a really relaxing Christmas and was able to get some knitting done on and after the 25th as well.  It was especially enjoyable since the craziness of work and school in November and most of December didn't allow time for much else.

I was given some fabulous knitting gifts for Christmas.  I got a couple skeins of Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Sport that I knit up into a narrower version of the Gap-tastic Cowl.  I'll post it in a future FO Friday post.

I was also given a gorgeous handmade drop spindle (purchased from Woven Wool Wear) and luxurious alpaca fibre (from Madison Creek Alpacas)!  I'll need to learn the technique so that I can make some yarn that I can actually knit with.

One of my friends, who also loves to knit, gave me this book.  Has anyone read it? :

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