Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just What I Needed, Another Hobby!

I began knitting in September 2008 when I found out someone very close to me was pregnant. I can’t remember why, but I decided I should learn to knit! With all my spare time, another hobby is JUST what I needed! (note: sarcasm; I barely had time to shower and sleep with my schedule). I was lucky enough to have two coworkers who were very talented knitters and great teachers! They gracefully spent one lunch hour per week teaching me to knit. I knew I was gaining a new hobby, but had no idea I was slipping into an addiction.

My first project was a pair of baby legwarmers knit on 4 double-pointed needles. One of my friends suggested it was not a good project for a beginner (the small dpns, the fine yarn, etc.) and that I should probably start out with a scarf. Ha! She apparently didn’t know me THAT well as I don’t like to take the time to learn and start slow…I find something I want to create and jump right in! Too bad it didn’t work as well with painting as it did with knitting for me. Plus, I only had 9 months to knit a box of beautiful things for this special baby and surely he or she would not put a scarf to good use, especially being due in May! (I would like to point out that I have since knit a scarf, for an adult, which I will post in a later blog.)

With the success of my legwarmers (which I knit in anticipation of a boy), I continued on to a pair of replica suede “Ugg” booties and a hat and just kept going from there! My niece Lucy (I had to knit another pair of leg warmers in pink and brown after her arrival!) has been the recipient of many of my ‘first knits’.

People have said to me “why don’t you knit something for yourself”? Really, at this point, I have no interest. First of all, part of the pleasure in knitting for me is that I’m knitting a special gift for someone else. Secondly, other people aren’t as likely to notice a mistake (and, there are bound to be a few!) where that mistake would probably really bug me on anything I knit for myself!

I choose to stick mostly to baby knits for the following reasons:

1. They tend to be quick knits - great for my lack of patience (as shown by my tendency to 'just jump in') and my satisfaction of actually finishing something I start.
2. Fit does not matter as much with babies - if my knitting is anything like my sewing, after hours of concentration, the finished product will not fit the variable bodies of adults.
3. Babies aren't critical of my work so they are more likely to wear my creations! (Ok, I guess what a baby wears is mostly (fully) up to the parents so maybe this isn't such a great point.)
4. Baby knits are adorable and there is no lack of people in my life that are having kids!

So, that is how it all started. I will start to post all of my finished projects and then begin to blog my works in progress!

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