Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Nephew!

On February 6th we welcomed a new little (hmmm...I guess 9lbs 3oz isn't so little!) boy to the family.  I am thrilled to have a nephew!  Prior to his arrival, I knit up this little blue hat.  So simple and adorable - and I think I have enough yarn left over to make one or two more!  Here is a link to the pattern on Ravelry.

A brand new bundle of perfection.

Checking out my new nephew.

I have a couple patterns in mind for this little guy - I can't wait to get started....after I finish my other projects.

Despite a crazy week, I was able to finish a little sweater that I gave as part of a christening gift.  It was actually nice to take my mind off things and knit a little.  I'll post some pictures in an upcoming FO Friday post.  It is soooooo cute!

Ok, back to my crazy life!  February has been jam packed with wonderful things...perhaps a few too many though!  I'm hoping March will be a bit less crazy and I'll have some time to breathe...and knit :)

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