Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Overload! But It's All Good

I'm working in overdrive right now...so much happening this month!

In the past week I've applied for a permanent position on the team I'm currently working with and applied for graduate school.  This month I have to finish 4 units of a course I'm taking and take the final exam, interview for the position I applied for, and a couple other important things which I'll cover in a future post.  I am also taking two 'extra curricular' courses (casual, no tests) and I'm just over half-way through a 30 day workout challenge (which has been awesome despite the 5:30 am workouts!).  I think that the daily workouts are especially beneficial given the bit of stress I've been feeling - they give me energy for the day too!  It's a lot but these are all positive things I'm doing for positive reasons and I'm glad for that!  I'm busy, but it's good!

When I finally find some time to knit, I need to:

  • Finish the "hat with the duck part" (sooo close to being done!)
  • Knit something for my new niece or nephew (asap, he or she is due any day!)
  • Knit something for a christening (I've chosen the Baby Tiered Coat and Jacket)
  • Knit something for a dog for a charity auction my friend is running (in the next few weeks); I've never knit for a dog so this is a great opportunity to give it a try!
In addition, I have some material I bought at Christmas to make my niece and my godson some pjs - I'm hoping to find time to make those before they grow out of the pattern size I bought!

I'll be posting my progress on my knitting as I go - I can't wait to get started but I need to prioritize...somehow.  I think knitting will end up being my reward for getting some of the other stuff done :)

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