Friday, March 18, 2011

FO Friday and an Announcement!

I have two FOs to share with you today!  Click on the image above to head on over to Tami's blog to see what everyone else has finished lately.

First is the lace shawl that I made for my mom.  Took me a really long time but I learned so much during the process!

Here is a close-up of some of the lacework: 

And one of my mom wearing it:

For my first ever attempt at lace, I'm happy with it.  

This next project I just LOVE!  Loved knitting it, love the finished product, love the recipient.  It's the Baby Tiered Coat and Jacket (available on  I started off with the intent to make the jacket (three tiers).  Sophie is only 6-months old but is into 12-month clothes in some instances - so I started to knit the 12-month size.  As I was working on the first tier I clued into the fact that she may be round, but is not as long as a 12-month-old would be, so I decided to stop at one tier.  When knitting the arms, I knit the 12-month size but used the 6-month length.  I gave it to her as a baptism gift and I was SO excited to hear that it actually fit her well!

I love seeing pictures of the kids I knit for in the pieces I've made for them!  Here's one of Miss Sophie wearing the coat!

And, finally, my announcement:
I'm engaged!  He popped the question about a week ago - he hid the ring in the bottom of my bowl of popcorn!  I'm sooo excited!...and already overwhelmed with wedding planning!  We're going to get married on August 13th of this year.



    And your FO are lovely. :)

  2. Congratulations!! On both the engagement (yay!) and the lovely FOs. ;)

    The lace came out beautifully, especially in that amazing colour, and I love the baby coat, the tiered look is adorable and interesting.

  3. Congratulations! That is a very pretty ring. I hope you'll both be very happy (and not too stressed out by wedding planning).

    Nice job on the lace and the baby jacket. Miss Sophie is one of the cutest young ladies I have ever seen -- that smile is a knockout!

  4. Congratulations and what a pretty ring! How exciting. Don't stress too much, or you won't be able to enjoy it.

    Love both FOs. The little jacket is awesome.

  5. Congratulations! I was reading your post thinking that your shawl and baby jacket were gorgeous, but your ring takes the cake ! (or maybe the popcorn : )