Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WiP Wednesday - What's On My Needles?

I'm happy to be back blogging and happy to have three projects to share today!

First up is something I think I will keep for myself.  It will end up being a big infinity scarf/cowl.  I just cast on a bunch of stitches, am using thick yarn, huge needles, and doing a seed stitch.
Second is a baby sweater for my new nephew!  It's a Sirdar pattern (1803).  I've used Sirdar patterns before and I really like them.  They are easy to follow and they are written for birth - 7 years so I see buying the pattern as a good investment.  I chose the hooded version with the basket weave pattern.

Finally is the 'hat with a duck part'.  I'm sad about this project.  I ran out of yarn but ended up finding a fellow Ravelry member with a ball in her stash she was willing to sell for a reasonable price.  As suggested, I added an extra inch to the hat but I still think it's going to be too small/short.  I think it's because the yarn I am using is cotton and doesn't have much stretch/give (newbie mistake of yarn choice?)...which also makes me think that blocking won't help my issues much, if at all.
The ribbing will be folded up and a brim inserted.

The ribbed part will stick out once the brim is in.

I'm going to finish it and try it on the little guy who requested this hat (I'm sure he's forgotten about it by now). If it doesn't fit, worst case is I get different yarn and make it again and hope that this will fit a smaller child!  I think it will either just fit, or just not fit.

Head over to Tami's Amis and see what everyone is working on!


  1. Nice job on the cowl and the baby sweater. I don't think blocking will help much on the duck hat given that it is cotton (yup, learned that the hard way) but as you say, it will fit someone!

  2. I love the baby sweater so far! And the cowl is very pretty. I love the look of seed stitch. Simple yet fun.

    Sorry to hear about the hat, but like you and Marushka said, it will fit SOMEONE.

  3. The baby sweater is going to be so cute. What a sweet and classic looking pattern.

  4. I love that basket weave pattern. The hat will still come in handy. The great thing about knitting is that you can always make another one!