Saturday, January 21, 2012

Knitting More Quickly

Well, as you can see, since school started in September I had to take a break from blogging and have also had less time for knitting (which I really miss).  Sometimes you really just can't do it all!  But I hope to be able to fill my work and study breaks with some knitting and blogging now that I'm starting to get better at the work/school/life balance.

I've been working on the Isabella Bonnet for my friend's daughter, Ava.  Now, Miss Ava's birthday was in November and that is when I intended to have it done by.  But, September was my first month of graduate school AND working full-time (plus the post-wedding hangover) so needless to say, if I got dinner made a couple nights a week, that was an accomplishment!  I'm finally working on the bow for the hat so I should have it done soon (will take pics and post when I do!).

I have come to realize that if I'm going to fit knitting into my crazy life, then I'm going to have to knit more quickly.  I've been watching some videos on YouTube that have helped a bit.  However, it's going to take a while to adjust my style and get used to keeping tension.  In making the bow for the hat, I've been testing out a few different techniques and I can definitely see where I stopped one and started the other.  I don't think it's going to be noticeable (other than to other knitters) once it's on the hat though.

I also think that it's good to have a variety of techniques in my bag of tricks so that I can vary it up to prevent overuse injuries.  I notice when I knit a lot that I do sometimes get aches and pains.

Here are a couple videos on YouTube that I've found useful:

1.  The sound could be better on this video but I found that holding the needle in my right hand like a pencil does help a bit with speed and is quite comfortable.  I am totally one of those knitters she talks about who sometimes drops the needle in my right hand when throwing the yarn.

2. I picked up a couple useful tips in this KnitPicks video with Miriam Tegels (world's fastest knitter) but I wish that there would have been more close-ups and they would have also showed a clip of her technique slowed down instead of just at full-speed.


  1. Welcome back! That bonnet pattern is so adorable, hope that you can finish it soon. I really enjoyed watching that video of Miriam knitting. She is so amazingly fast! Continental knitting seems so much faster and more efficient than throwing, but like you, I can't seem to maintain a consistent tension. I guess it just takes a bit more practice.

  2. I finished the bonnet! It's super cute and it's a pattern I'd knit again.

    Isn't Miriam amazing? Imagine all the things you could knit at that speed!

    I think you are right - practice is key. I just can't seem to find the 'time' for practice. I tell myself "ok, on this project you are going to practice continental style" and then, after a few rows, I switch back because I just want to get the project done! I'm going to keep looking for videos that might help.