Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WiP Wednesday - The Hat Full of Friends

I'm excited to have a WiP today to share!  I have a couple of friends expecting baby boys so I decided to work on some hats as I do my reading for school.

A while ago my boss was clearing out some of her stash and gave each of us who knits some yarn.  I received a beautiful skein of hand-dyed sock yarn in shades of blue (I'll have to ask her again what the fibre content is).  It seemed like the perfect yarn for the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat.  Since most of this hat is just straight stockinette stitch, it's a project I can work on without having to constantly look at it (hence why it is a good project to do while reading).

One of the most exciting things is that I got to use my new skein holder/swift!  A friend's girlfriend found out that I knit (as does she) and gave it to me for my birthday (amazing!).   Using my coworkers ball-winder that she doesn't use, I was able to set this up:

I had some issues finding surfaces which I could clamp the skein holder and ball winder to but I think this worked quite well in the end.  No more putting my skein around the back of a chair and winding it onto my thumb!  YAY!  I think my cat had as much fun with it as I did :)

I ended up with three balls of this beautiful yarn.

I started working on the first hat (I should have enough yarn for 3 of these hats) and also finally got to use one of the beautiful stitch markers a friend gave me as part of my bridal shower present.

In one day, I almost finished the whole hat (I guess that is one benefit of having so much reading to do!) (I am not the fastest knitter around so almost finishing something in one day is an accomplishment!).  I'll share it in an upcoming FO Friday post.

I love that this hat is 'full of friends' - my boss/friend who gave me the yarn, the swift that was a gift from a friend, the ball winder who came from a coworker/friend, the stitch markers from a friend, the final product for a friend.  Having friends who knit rock!

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  1. Sounds like fun. Those baby hats are going to be full of knitting love!

  2. The yarn is a lovely colour, its great to yet yarn as a gift.

  3. That's so cool, I wish I had friends who knit! I love how much friendship has gone into your project, definitely good vibes for the baby ;)

  4. How nice to think of it that way - "full of friends". It's so true that hand knitted items are made up of so much more than yarn! Kitten looks very interested in the ball winding!

  5. My swift and winder gets set up on the glass-top coffee table, and my cat sits under it, trying to catch it. Looks like your kitty is a tad brighter!

  6. Hooray for baby hats! I just started one last night for a friend's baby-to-be last night, I only wish I had such lovely yarn! The colours and textures look great.

    I also loooove the photos of the swift-using-process, as I was just doing the same thing a couple weeks ago. It really can be tricky to find the right place for it! (I didn't, however, have the added adorable complication of an interested feline friend.)

  7. So jealous of your swift/ball winder set up. The colors are awesome and hats are so easy to make. Good luck with your reading.

  8. It does look like your cat had as much fun as you did. That sounds so awesome having friends who knit. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  9. Love the yarn, and very jealous of your ball winder.. ;) So cool that you have so many knitty friends and that in way or another they made a contribution to the hat!! Can't wait to see how it turned out :)