Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WiP Wednesday - Yoga Socks!

I have started a pair of yoga socks to give as a gift.  The feedback on the pattern on Ravelry is that they end up being a bit loose.  

I'm about to start the heel portion so I have two options:  1) To continue as the pattern would like me to or 2) to go down a needle size or two so that the part that needs to be more fitted, is a bit more tight.  I'm tempted to keep going on this one and see if the pattern instructions work out for me.  The risk is that I finish and need to frog; then adjust and knit two more.  Even with sleeves of garments I tend to get bored on the second one...hmmmm.  


  1. I love the yoga socks pattern, it's such a cute idea! And the yarn you're using is working up great. I hope you find the exactly-right no-frogging-required way to finish them. :)

  2. Great colors! That is a hard call to make. I think that if your gauge is correct, it might be better to stick with the same needles and follow the pattern instructions.

  3. Ooh, pretty yarn! I'm so tempted to make yoga socks, they look like such fun.

    I really struggle with decisions like that. I'd be tempted to go down a size, but then again I do love my socks to be on the snug side! Second sock/sleeve/mitten/glove syndrome is a killer, isn't it?!