Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Just When I Thought I Was Done

So, this lace shawl for my mom has been in progress for quite a while; it is my first lace project so I wanted to take my time.  I didn't quite get it done in time for Christmas but I didn't want to rush or knit when tired (learned my lesson earlier in the project as I picked it up and knit on the purl side - oops - that row adds character :) ).

I was so happy to finally be binding off last week.  All that was left to do was block it and mail it!  I wasn't so sure of my bind off though, it seemed a bit tight and I wasn't sure if that would have an affect on the blocking.  So, I took it to work to show my boss (who is an expert knitter) and she confirmed that it was too tight.  I wasn't too upset because I was thinking that it would need to be redone. 

So, my project for this week is to carefully rip out the bind off and then redo it with a stretchier version - THEN block!

I'm really looking forward to being able to post this project in an FO Friday post but, until then, here are some almost done pictures!  I'm expecting that blocking will make a big difference on this project.


  1. What a gorgeous shawl! I love the colour and texture, it will be an amazing slightly-after-Christmas gift. (And yeah, crafting-while-tired/in a hurry is never a good idea. I think everyone learns that one the hard way...)

  2. Thank you, Kathleen. I'm really excited to get it all blocked! It will have points along one edge when it's done.
    I know better than crafting late at night - but I still can't resist. A couple times I've verified and double-checked or triple-checked what I should be doing and where I am in a pattern and I still mess up! Some weeks late at night, after everything else is done, is the only time I have to knit or sew!

  3. It looks beautiful even before blocked! I can't wait to see it finished completely and blocked. You're mom is going to love it! I'm so glad you were able to undo the bind off and redo it.

  4. Pretty shawl! Your mom is going to love it. Congratulations on finishing your first lace project!