Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WiP - Baby Merry-Jane Booties

Happy to finally be back (again) and sharing a Work in Progress with the group over at Tami's Amis!

I'm working on a pair of Baby Merry-Jane Booties.  They've been in my Ravelry favorites for a while now and I finally have a good reason to knit a pair - my husband's cousin recently had a baby girl!  I started a couple of projects prior to the baby being born (not knowing the gender) and I wanted to knit something really girly once Baby P was born.  

I'm using Jeanette Sloan yarn in baby alpaca/silk 4ply and baby alpaca dk.  The sock part in pink and the bootie in chocolate brown.

I've knit booties similar to this before.  They are not my favorite thing to knit as I feel like I knit for so long and then still only have this teeny tiny piece of work.  But, the final product is so this likely won't be the last time I do a project like this.

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  1. Is there anything cuter than knit baby booties? Maybe only a baby wearing them.

  2. What a cute pattern and yours is looking great. I love how you will be combining pink and chocolate brown together.