Friday, September 24, 2010

FO Friday - Baby Booties

Oh, what a process it was to finish the booties.  I won't totally get into it but let's just say I finished the first bootie a long time ago.  When I went to finish the second one, I couldn't remember what size needles I used.  Good thing I had it on my Ravelry project page, right?  NO!  Wrong size needle on there.  I also wrote two needle sizes on the pattern - one saying "3 to 6 mo." and the other "bigger size".  I must have made the 3 to 6 month size, made sense.  NO!  Ok, must be the "bigger size" - yeah...NO.  Let's just say I now have 3 booties without a pair in all different sizes and I learned my lesson about being sure I update my project info once I start it!  Good thing I had a vague memory of knitting the first one on grey needles...

Anyways, it was worth it.  These were a quick knit and are SO cute!  The pattern is Saartje's Bootees on Ravelry.  The yarn is Rowan RYC Cashcotton 4-Ply which is a great yarn for this project - nice and soft and easy to work with.

Sophie is about 3 weeks old and they fit her perfectly - they won't fit for long though!

I've shown most of what I included in the baby shower gift for little Sophie in my previous posts but here's a pic of the finished lot!  Two slouch hats, Spud & Chloe's Buga Baby Bunting, the booties, the Elefante, and then I whipped up a minky blanket with tags on two ends.  I really had fun making it all!


  1. They look so cute on her feet! What a nice gift!

  2. That bootie pattern is one of my favorites. I made up a pair with some self striping sock yarn and they turned out waaaay cool looking.

  3. They fit perfect! How adorable. I love everything you included in the gift!

  4. What a great lot of gifts! cute booties :)

  5. Those booties are adorable! I wish I had learned to knit while my kids were little enough to wear the sweet little baby clothes :-)