Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WiP Wednesday: Elefante!

Since last week I have one WiP to add to the list.
I came across this Susan B. Anderson pattern on Ravelry and had to knit it up!  (It's available at that link for FREE!)  I'm hoping to have it finished in time to include it in Sophie's baby shower present.  Then, I plan to knit the Hippo from Susan B. Anderson's "Itty Bitty Toys" book in the same yarn for my niece Lucy (who is Sophie's cousin, once removed...or something along those lines).

By the way, I just received "Itty Bitty Toys", "Itty Bitty Hats", and "Itty Bitty Nursery" as a gift and the patterns are to die for!  I want to knit them all!...but will start with the Hippo :)  I would definitely suggest these books for anyone who knits for babies.  Be sure to check out Susan B. Anderson's blog for corrections to patterns.  The links to the corrections can be found on the left-hand menu.

The yarn I'm using is Schachenmayr "Boston Fashion Color".  The color is 01485 and it is mostly a deep pink color with some lighter pinks and oranges in it.  It's perfect for this project!

The pictures are taken with my phone so excuse the poor quality.  I'll have her done by Friday and I'll post some better pictures of the finished product!

Here are the feet, ready to be stuffed and the beginning of the body:

A couple days later, the majority of it is done.  All she needs is ears, eyes, a tail, and then to join the head to the body:

She is almost done now and she is SO cute!  I'm going to have a hard time giving this one away.


  1. Oh man, I wish I knit just to make that elephant! It's ADORABLE! I may have to see if I can come up with a similar crochet pattern!

  2. That's looking great - I'm scared to make toys because I never believe they'll end up the right shape. I love yours!

  3. This is my first time knitting a toy and it went well! I didn't have any problems with the shaping and used a lot of stuffing to fill out the shape.

    It's a fairly simple pattern. The challenging part is that it's quite a tight knit (at least with the yarn I'm using) so you really have to be careful to not drop stitches and I had to be a bit forceful with some of the increase and decrease stitches. The knit is so tight that the stitches I dropped just fell off the needle, they didn't unravel at all!

  4. When I get better at knitting, I will definitely be making some toys! This is the book I really want:

  5. Alea - I've seen that book on Amazon a couple times and it looks like it has some great patterns!

  6. SweetPotato- I agree! I already have too many knitting books I can't use yet to justify buying it but I waaaant it!

  7. What I do is I get the book out of the library. If there is a pattern or two in the book that I like, I make photocopies (so I can mark them up as I knit). If there are too many patterns I love to photocopy, then I buy them (as was the case with the Itty Bitty books!).

    I have come to realize lately that I have more patterns in my Ravelry favorites and in knitting magazines and books than I will be able to knit in my lifetime...and I think I have enough yarn to last me through all of them! Oops!

  8. Oooh, I've been wanting to make this guy, too. Yours looks so cute!

  9. Sara - wait until you see the finished work on Friday (I'll post it then). It might motivate you to start soon!