Friday, September 17, 2010

FO Friday - Elefante!

I was planning to have two FOs to show off today.  I started a pair of baby booties a while ago and I planned to have the second one finished by today.  I couldn't remember which size needle I used - I had two sizes written on the pattern that I got from reading other people's notes on Ravelry - one said "bigger size" and one said "3 to 6 mo.".  Then, my Ravelry project page had another needle size (the one that the pattern actually calls for) so, I figured that is the size I used.  It wasn't.  And now I have a teeny tiny bootie and one that is likely the 3 to 6 month size - so, today I will be knitting another one on a bigger needle.  Good thing they don't take too long!

So, my FO is my Elefante in Pink.  She is SO cute and I can't wait to give her away this weekend (ok, that's a little bit of a lie because I sort of want to keep her for myself).  I made extra sure that all of her parts were securely attached since this is a present for a baby.  I was sure to pack her with the stuffing so, when it starts to compress, she will still hold her shape.  More info on this pattern in this blog post and on my Ravelry project page.